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Phantasy Star universe

Saying Phantasy Star is a synonym for one of the oldest and legendary games of Japanese Sega. It started as a classic role-playing series, with no greater expectations than adjusting itself to the market. However, over the years it modified its structure and evolved towards the future of all multimedia resources, i.e., the Internet. Phantasy Star online, for home console Dreamcast, was the first real time RPG in history.

After the milestone, Sega preferred to dedicate to other projects and Phantasy Star was left aside. Nonetheless, in the middle of The Web Revolution, a new episode of the saga was released this year; it was called Universe, which aims at revolutionizing the market with two games in one CD. That is to say, it can be played both offline and online, and it has two completely different plots. Beyond its graphic quality, which always came up to the expectations, this last issue of Phantasy Star also develops an interesting role plot which takes into account its origin.

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

Games Workshop is one of the newest companies of video games in the market; however, its titles still surprise everybody all around the world. Associated with Relic, it designed a futuristic post nuclear war vision with Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War, which broke records in sales as well as Winter Assault Dark Crusade, its expansion pack.

This new game leaves aside the futuristic design and takes as a model the European Medieval mythology. That is probably the reason why Games Workshop associated with Black Hole instead of Relic. Mark of Chaos is focused on the combat among different military units ?the same as in the case of strategy classics, such as Warcraft or Starcraft. It does not use the war tactics that made its predecessor so popular.

The great novelty for those who love combat strategy games is that the search of resources to activate units does not depend on the player, since it is automatic. It only aims at diverting the player’s attention when in combat, and it has an editor to personally customize all the details of our army.

In the last E3 ?the most important video game event? an amazing demo of this new Warhammer’s issue was showed, which received many praises from the board games fans. Its graphic quality is outstanding, as well as the possibilities that offer the four armies that can be commanded.

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El Matador

In this new third person action game, the goal is to destroy a Colombian drug headquarters, known as La Valedora. In the shoes of Victor Corbet ?a DEA agent?, we must use our guns non-stop to annihilate the cruelest mafia bosses. Beyond its solid plot and narrative resources, El Matador reminds us in all its features of the best-seller game Max Payne.

It can be said that it functions as a kind of unthinkable copy, as it has happened with other 3D shooting games. After all, nobody can deny the influence Wolfestein or Doom had on video games. However, using the same action platform does not mean that new products lack creativity.

This new title created by the company Plastic Reality does not have big samples nor does it pretend to differentiate itself from Max Payme in any respect. The only remarkable thing is El Matador’s graphic quality, which creates an almost real and enveloping surrounding, which makes the story truthful. The natural landscapes and exteriors show the depth in the concepts based on the sound effects and light.

Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords

This new chapter of the saga is also called The Two Thrones, depending on the format for which it is edited. Last year it was for PC and Playstation, and due to its commercial success and to the excellent reviews, this year it was decided to expand the formats, for Xbox and Gamecube.

This new version of Prince Of Persia, that same revolutionary game for PC, was designed by the European company Revelations, which adapted the Prince’s image to the modern game structure, with great graphics and movements. The plot of this new episode starts just after the end of the predecessor, Warrior Within. The main character returns to his kingdom with Empress Kaileena to rule in peace. However, the Vizier, the Prince’s eternal enemy, has not died and besieges an empire of terror. After killing Kaileena and proclaiming himself immortal through the Dagger of Time, the villain hides in the royal palace.

The Prince’s mission will be to change this situation, but he has to fight against his evil alter ego, called Dark Prince, who was born from The Sands of Times. The great novelty in this new version is that we can alternate between the two princes, depending on the different moments of the game.

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